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Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Informatics (IJEEI) ISSN 2089-3272 is a peer reviewed International Journal in English published four issues per year (March, June, September and December). This journal is published by Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science (IAES) Indonesia Section in collaboration with Universitas Ahmad Dahlan and Universitas Diponegoro. The aim of Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Informatics (IJEEI) is to publish high-quality articles dedicated to all aspects of the latest outstanding developments in the field of electrical engineering. Its scope encompasses the engineering of Telecommunication and Information Technology, Applied Computing & Computer, Instrumentation & Control, Electrical (Power), Electronics, and Informatics. Since 2017, this journal is indexed in SCOPUS.

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Vol 10, No 2: June 2022 (ACCEPTED PAPERS)

The papers below are accepted for Vol 10 (2) 2022, June 2022 issue. This list is in preparatory stage and will be updated frequently. The final list will be announced with the full paper and page numbers.

Table of Contents

Short term complex hydro thermal scheduling using integrated PSO-IBF algorithm
Balachander T, Aruna Jeyanthy P, Devaraj D
Novel design and simulation of fuzzy controller for turn-on & turn-off angle in coordination with SRM speed control for electric vehicles
M NAVEEN KUMAR, R Chidanandappa
Closed Loop Tuning of Cascade Controller for Load Frequency Control of Multi Area Distributed Generation Resources Optimized by ASOS Algorithm
Sunita Pahadasingh, Chitralekha Jena, Chinmoy Kumar Panigrahi
The Future of Renewable Energy in Iraq: Potential and Challenges
Omar Sh. Al-Yozbaky, Saraa Ismaeel Khalel
The Influence of the Mixed Electric Line Poles on the Distribution of Magnetic Field
Ganim Diab Hasan, Ali Hlal Mutlaq, kamil Jadu Ali
Tilt Integral Derivative Controller Optimized by Battle Royale Optimization for Wind Generator Connected to Grid
Mohamed Samir, Gagan Singh, Nafees Ahamad
An Analysis Review: Power System Stability Based on FACT Controller System
Yousif Al Mashhadany, Ahmed Khudhair Abbas, Sameer Algburi
PV Systems based High Gain Converter using CI and SCC Techniques
Sankarananth S, Sivaraman P, Arun Kumar R
Application of CaTiO3:Pr3+ phosphor for improving the color quality of WLEDs with double-layer remote phosphor structure
Nguyen Thi Dieu An
Study of LaSiO3Cl:Ce3+,Tb3+ and Ca5B2SiO10:Eu3+ phosphors for enhancing color quality and luminous flux of WLEDs
Phan Xuan Le
Fuzzy-based Nutrient System for Chili Cultivation in Urban Area
Marsyita Hanafi, Hairu Cui, Syamsiah Mashohor, Wan Fazilah Wan Ilahi
The Effect of Using Data Pre-Processing by Imputations in Handling Missing Values
Abdelrahman Elsharif Karrar
Multimodal Based Audio-Visual Speech Recognition for Hearing-Impaired: State of the Art Techniques and Challenges
Shabina Bhaskar, Thasleema Thazhath Madathil
A Study for Remote Monitoring of Water Points in Mauritania Based on IoT (LoRa) Technology
Hassine Ali ABEIDI, Bedine KERIM, Mohamedade Farouk NANNE
Single Input Single Head CNN-GRU-LSTM Architecture for Recognition of Human Activities
updesh verma, Pratibha Tyagi, Manpreet Kaur
A Multimodal Deep Learning Approach for Identification of ‎Severity of Reflective Depression ‎
Abeer M Mahmoud, Hanen Karamti, Eatedal Alabdulkreem, Hedia Zardi
Micheal Olaolu Arowolo, Sulaiman Olaniyi Abdulsalam, Yakub Kayode Saheed, Jesutofunmi Onaope Afolayan
A New Approach for Combining Multi-Band Power System Stabilizers and Hybrid Power Flow Controllers to Support Electricity Grids with High Penetration of Distributed Renewable Generation
SEDDIKI Zahira, ALLAOUI Tayeb, BEY Mohamed, DENAI Mouloud
Prediction of Digital Eye Strain Due to Online Learning Based on the Number of Blinks
Riandini Riandini, Satria Arief Aditya, Rika Novita Wardhani, Sulis Setiowati
SISO System Model Reduction and Digital Controller Design using Nature inspired Heuristic Optimisation Algorithms
Rittwik Sood, Nivas Bachu
An Extended Kalman Filter for Nonsmooth Attitude Control Design of Quadrotors using Quaternion Representation
Adha Imam Cahyadi, Andreas Prasetyanto Sandiwan, Samiadji Herdjunanto
Bifacial Vertical Photovoltaic System Design for Farming Irrigation System
Mohamad Nassereddine
Fault Classification in a DG Connected Power System using Artificial Neural Network
Anshuman Bhuyan, Basanta K. Panigrahi, Subhendu Pati


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