Fast Algorithm for Computing the Discrete Hartley Transform of Type-II

Mounir Taha Hamood


The generalized discrete Hartley transforms (GDHTs) have proved to be an efficient alternative to the generalized discrete Fourier transforms (GDFTs) for real-valued data applications. In this paper, the development of direct computation of radix-2 decimation-in-time (DIT) algorithm for the fast calculation of the GDHT of type-II (DHT-II) is presented. The mathematical analysis and the implementation of the developed algorithm are derived, showing that this algorithm possesses a regular structure and can be implemented in-place for efficient memory utilization.The performance of the proposed algorithm is analyzed and the computational complexity is calculated for different transform lengths. A comparison between this algorithm and existing DHT-II algorithms shows that it can be considered as a good compromise between the structural and computational complexities.


Generalized discrete Hartley transforms (GDHTs); discrete Hartley transform of type-II (DHT-II); fast transform algorithms

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Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Informatics (IJEEI)
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