Mitigation of Power Quality Problems Using Custom Power Devices: A Review

Miska Prasad, Ashok Kumar Akella


Electrical power quality (EPQ) in distribution systems is a critical issue for commercial, industrial and residential applications. The new concept of advanced power electronic based Custom Power Devices (CPDs) mainly distributed static synchronous compensator (D-STATCOM), dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) and unified power quality conditioner (UPQC) have been developed due to lacking the performance of traditional compensating devices to minimize power quality disturbances. This paper presents a comprehensive review on D-STATCOM, DVR and UPQC to solve the electrical power quality problems of the distribution networks. This is intended to present a broad overview of the various possible DSTATCOM, DVR and UPQC configurations for single-phase (two wire) and three-phase (three-wire and four-wire) networks and control strategies for the compensation of various power quality disturbances. Apart from this, comprehensive explanation, comparison, and discussion on D-STATCOM, DVR, and UPQC are presented. This paper is aimed to explore a broad prospective on the status of D-STATCOMs, DVRs, and UPQCs to researchers, engineers and the community dealing with the power quality enhancement. A classified list of some latest research publications on the topic is also appended for a quick reference.


Power quality, voltage sag, Voltage Swell, Distributed Static compensator, Voltage source inverter, Z-source inverter, Current source inverter, DVR, UPQC

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