Congestion Avoidance in WSN Clusters Using Higher Priority Based Application Specific Congestion Control Clustering Protocol with Leaky Bucket Algorithm

R. Madonna Arieth, K. Selvakumar


Wireless sensor is a major challenge in engineering field. Data transmission is an important aspect.  When it is transferred congestion will occur. It may occur either in traffic or in resource allocation. The traffic congestion which will increases packet loss and retransmission of removed packets and also wastes of energy. So it has to reduce. Wireless sensor network has a different protocol which will take care of congestion Management. Here HPASCC (HigherPriority based application specific congestion control clustering protocol) with leaky bucket algorithm is used. CGSTEB is a congestion control clustering protocol which is used to select cluster head. These paper deals where the congestion occur and how it is recovered. The results of simulation show that the proposed method can significantly improve increase the lifetime, energy, and throughput and packet loss.


WSNs, HPASCCC, Congestion, Clustering, Leaky bucket algorithm


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Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Informatics (IJEEI)
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