A Novel Approach for Feature Selection and Classifier Optimization Compressed Medical Retrieval Using Hybrid Cuckoo Search

Enireddy Vamsidhar, B. Saichandana, J. Harikiran


Nowadays, huge data bases are required to store the Digital medical images so that they can be accessed easily on requirement. To retrieve the diagnostic images, radiologist and physicians are using Content based image retrieval (CBIR). Algorithms extract features like texture, edge, color and shape from an image in CBIR systems and these extracted features from the input and are compared for similarity with the features of images in database. In this paper, Lossless compression is used for storage and effective transmission in inadequate bandwidth. Visually lossless image compression is obtained using the Daubechies wavelet with Huffman coding. Gabor transforms are utilized to extract the shape and texture features from the images. Features are selected with Mutual Information (MI) and the proposed wrapper based Cuckoo Search (CS) technique. Extracted features are fed as input to the proposed partial Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN) for the classification. The network is optimized hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization and Cuckoo Search. It was observed that the classification accuracy acquired is satisfactory


CBIR; Image Compression; Feature selection; Classification Accuracy; RNN;

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