An Optimal Voltage Stability Enhancement in the Power Systems by Locating Optimal Place with More Contingency Risk

Rajalakshmi P, Rathinakumar M


The electrical components of a power system network take advantage to supply, transmission and use electrical power. Abnormal flow of voltage through the transmission lines might lead to big causes. Thyristor controlled series compensator (TCSC) devices are most frequently used device in the power to maintain the voltage stability. However, this device is more costly and cannot be fixed on every transmission lines which would lead to more processing cost. Thus the maintaining voltage stability of transmission lines with reduced production cost attracts a various researchers to find the novel approaches. In the existing system, Particle Swarm Optimization with time varying acceleration coefficients (PSO-TVAC) has been proposed to find out the optimal location and size of TCSC for voltage stability improvement of a power system with the help of line stability index value. The PSO-TVAC is constrained to poor exploitation problem which might generate inaccurate results. In the proposed research work, Biogeography Based Krill Herd (BBKH) method is used for optimal identification of TCSC's, STATCOM and UPFC size and location. Voltage collapse proximity indicator (VCPI) value is used in this work for the finding of the voltage instability measurement by finding the critical lines among the entire transmission lines. The overall research of the work is implemented in the Matlab simulation environment from which it is proved that the proposed research method can lead to provide better result than other research methodologies.


Power system;Voltage stability;Contingent situations;Optimal solution;Device deployment

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