Game theory based Ad-hoc On Demand Distance Vector Routing Protocol to Extend the Wireless Sensor Networks Life Time

M Premkumar, M P Chitra, X Alisha Celestin, T Kausalya, M N Nandhini Priya


This paper proposes a solution to increase the energy life time of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) via a concept of game theory enabled ad-hoc on demand distance vector (AODV) routing algorithm. Game theory is an optimal promising candidate for decision making in a wireless networking scenario to find the optimal path for data packets transfer between source node and destination node, where combination with the AODV routing algorithm, a procedure of game theory enabled AODV (GTEAODV) is developed and proposed in this research paper. The developed and proposed methodology is validated through simulation in NS2 environment and the results show an improvement in energy life time of the order of 30-35% in comparison to the existing routing methodology which uses co-operative routing techniques among the nodes in WSN. Further, the throughput of game theory enabled adhoc on demand routing is also highly improved in comparison to existing traditional approaches though obtained results. Though, game theory approach is an existing approach concatenation of it with AODV can provide increased network performance which is significant as portrayed in research results shown in the paper. Hence, by virtue of providing enhanced energy life time and data security through the nature of the algorithm, the proposed GTEAODV algorithm can be employed in defence applications for secure data transmission and reception for forthcoming deployment of 5G systems which are blossoming in world wide scenario.


Game theory, Ahoc on demand distance vector routing, Life time, Wireless Sensor Network

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