Recognition of Badminton Action Using Convolutional Neural Network

Nur Azmina binti Rahmad, Nur Anis Jasmin binti Sufri, Muhammad Amir bin As'ari, Aizreena binti Azaman


Deep learning approach has becoming a research interest in action recognition application due to its ability to surpass the performance of conventional machine learning approaches. Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) is among the widely used architecture in most action recognition works. There are various models exist in CNN but no research has been done to analyse which model has the best performance in recognizing actions for badminton sport. Hence, in this paper we are comparing the performance of four different pre-trained models of deep CNN in classifying the badminton match images to recognize the different actions done by the athlete. Four models used for comparison are AlexNet, GoogleNet, VggNet-16 and VggNet-19. The images used in this experimental work are categorized into two classes: hit and non-hit action. Firstly, each image frame was extracted from Yonex All England Man Single Match 2017 broadcast video. Then, the image frames were fed as the input to each classifier model for classification. Finally, the performance of each classifier model was evaluated by plotting its performance accuracy in form of confusion matrix. The result shows that the GoogleNet model has the highest classification accuracy which is 87.5% compared to other models. In a conclusion, the pre-trained GoogleNet model is capable to be used in recognizing actions in badminton match which might be useful in badminton sport performance technology.


Action recognition, Convolutional Neural Network, Deep learning, Image classification

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