Vol 6, No 1

March 2018

List of accepted papers

Table of Contents

A Case Study of Natural Frequency of the Tram Rail Due to Vibration Using Wavelets
Pushan Kumar Dutta, Mircea Bogdan T─âtaru, Ovidiu Moldovan, Tiberiu Vesselenyi
Congestion Avoidance in WSN Clusters Using Higher Priority Based Application Specific Congestion Control Clustering Protocol with Leaky Bucket Algorithm
R. Madonna Arieth, K. Selvakumar
The Impact of HVDC Links on Transmission System Collapse
Hualei Wang, Hanjing Zhang, Chao Xu, Chengqing Song
Overcoming Photo Degredation in Dye Sensitized Solar Cell
Charity Segun Odeyemui, Awodugba Awodugba, Ayodeji Oladiran
Investigating Rain Attenuation Models for Satellite Links in Tropical Nigeria
Abayomi Isiaka O. Yussuff, Ibukun E Koleoso, Nor Hisham Haji Khamis
Android Application for Microcontroller-based Reservoir Water Level Monitoring
Edwin Romeroso Arboleda, Cyril Dale L. Cero, Konzeff Joy L. Ala
Smart Wheelchair with Dual Control using Touchpad and Android Mobile Device
Edwin Romeroso Arboleda, Yna Victoria P. Paulite, Neil Jerome C. Carandang
Scalable and Secure Dynamic Key Management and Channel Aware Routing in Mobile Adhoc Networks
K. Selvakumar, N. Seethalakshmi
Dynamic Integrated System for Detecting and Fixing Vulnerability Bugs
R. Anitha, M.V. Srinath

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