Intelligent Cooperative Adaptive Weight Ranking Policy via dynamic aging based on NB and J48 classifiers

Dua’a Mahmoud Al-Qudah, Rashidah Funke Olanrewaju, Amelia Wong Azman


The increased usage of World Wide Web leads to increase in network traffic and create a bottleneck over the internet performance.  For most people, the accessing speed or the response time is the most critical factor when using the internet. Reducing response time was done by using web proxy cache technique that storing a copy of pages between client and server sides. If requested pages are cached in the proxy, there is no need to access the server. But, the cache size is limited, so cache replacement algorithms are used to remove pages from the cache when it is full. On the other hand, the conventional algorithms for replacement such as Least Recently Use (LRU), First in First Out (FIFO), Least Frequently Use (LFU), Randomised Policy, etc. may discard essential pages just before use. Furthermore, using conventional algorithms cannot be well optimized since it requires some decision to evict intelligently before a page is replaced. Hence, this paper proposes an integration of Adaptive Weight Ranking Policy (AWRP) with intelligent classifiers (NB-AWRP-DA and J48-AWRP-DA) via dynamic aging factor.  To enhance classifiers power of prediction before integrating them with AWRP, particle swarm optimization (PSO) automated wrapper feature selection methods are used to choose the best subset of features that are relevant and influence classifiers prediction accuracy.   Experimental Result shows that NB-AWRP-DA enhances the performance of web proxy cache across multi proxy datasets by 4.008%,4.087% and 14.022% over LRU, LFU, and FIFO while, J48-AWRP-DA increases HR by 0.483%, 0.563% and 10.497% over LRU, LFU, and FIFO respectively.  Meanwhile, BHR of NB-AWRP-DA rises by 0.9911%,1.008% and 11.5842% over LRU, LFU, and FIFO respectively while 0.0204%, 0.0379% and 10.6136 for LRU, LFU, FIFO respectively using J48-AWRP-DA.


PSO,NB,J48, cache replacement algorithms, AWRP, Dynamic aging

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