Authentications of Myanmar National Registration Card

Myint Myint Sein, Zin Mar Win, Ei Phyo Wai


The automatic identification system of Myanmar national registration card (NRC) holder is presented in this paper. The proposed system can be handled the identification by the extracted low quality face image and fingerprint image from Myanmar NRC. Both of the facial recognition and fingerprint recognition system are developed for Myanmar citizenship confirmation. Age invariant face recognition algorithm is performed based on combination of DiaPCA (Diagonal principal Component Analysis) and KNN (Kth nearest neighbor classifier) approaches. An algorithm of the fingerprint recognition is proposed for recognition of the poor quality fingerprint image with fabric background.  Several experiments have been done for confirming the effectiveness of the proposed approach.


Myanmar National Registration card; Diagonal principal Component Analysis; Kth nearest neighbor classifier; Authorized person confirmation; Age invariant face recognition algorithm; fingerprint recognition

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Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Informatics (IJEEI)
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