Backpropagation Neural Network Modeling for Fault Location in Transmission Line 150 kV

Azriyenni Azriyenni, M.W. Mustafa, D.Y. Sukma, M.E. Dame


In this topic research was provided about the backpropagation neural network to detect fault location in transmission line 150 kV between substation to substation. The distance relay is one of the good protective device and safety devices that often used on transmission line 150 kV. The disturbances in power system are used distance relay protection equipment in the transmission line. However, it needs more increasing large load and network systems are increasing complex. The protection system use the digital control, in order to avoid the error calculation of the distance relay impedance settings and spent time will be more efficient. Then backpropagation neural network is a computational model that uses the training process that can be used to solve the problem of work limitations of distance protection relays. The backpropagation neural network does not have limitations cause of the impedance range setting. If the output gives the wrong result, so the correct of the weights can be minimized and also the response of galat, the backpropagation neural network is expected to be closer to the correct value. In the end, backpropagation neural network modeling is expected to detect the fault location and identify operational output current circuit breaker was tripped it. The tests are performance with interconnected system 150 kV of Riau Region.

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