Improvement of Enhanced Image Using Mean and Standard Deviation Increment Method Based on Visual Representation Statistics

Faruk Alfian


Processes of image quality enhancement often leave deficiencies in the image result. These deficiencies in the form of loss of local contrast and loss of detail in some parts of the image. These deficiencies resulted in some important information on the image become unreadable.

The deficiency that caused from processes of image enhancement can be minimized by taking information back from the original image. Taking this information can be done by combining the original image with the image of the improvements. Before the fusion of image, the means of average value and standard deviation value from the result on image should be improved first enhancement, so that fusion of image can be maximum.

From the tested of 500 (five hundred) images that consist of image lacks brightness, image lacks contrast, and image lacks brightness and contrast, there were 74 (seventy four) image that can not be full repaired by using the proposed method. But for the image of the other experiments, the proposed method could improve image deficiencies. In this success level from method which is proposed reaches 85 %.

Key Word : image improvement, mean increament,  standard deviation increament.



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