Vol 7, No 2

JUNE 2019

Table of Contents


Software Defect Prediction Using Synthetic Minority Over-sampling Technique and Extreme Learning Machine
Khadijah Khadijah, Priyo Sidik Sasongko
A Review of Blockchain: How Does It Work, Applications, and Challenges
Ade Kurniawan
Automatic Irrigation System Based on Fuzzy Logic
Qirom Qirom, Arief Marwanto, Imam Much Ibnu Subroto
Telemetry Temperature Measurement Based on FM Radio Frequency
Sutarta Tarta, Arief Marwanto, Suryani Alifah
Feasibility Study: Online Learning for Supporting Rural Renewable Energy Projects
Meredita Susanty, Erwin Setiawan, Ariana Yunita, Herminarto Nugroho
MIMO Printed Dipole Antenna for Wimax Network Usage Application
S Susanzefi, Irawan Hadi, Ciksadan Ciksadan, Halimah Thussyadiyah
Real Time Monitoring for Drowsiness and Emergency Detection on Riders Using XD-58C Sensor
Qory Hidayati, Ridho Fadhillah

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