Reduction of Active Power Loss byUsing Adaptive Cat Swarm Optimization

Kanagasabai Lenin, B.Ravindranath Reddy


This paper presents, an Adaptive Cat Swarm Optimization (ACSO) for solving reactive power dispatch problem. Cat Swarm Optimization (CSO) is one of the new-fangled swarm intelligence algorithms for finding the most excellent global solution. Because of complication, sometimes conventional CSO takes a lengthy time to converge and cannot attain the precise solution. For solving reactive power dispatch problem and to improve the convergence accuracy level, we propose a new adaptive CSO namely ‘Adaptive Cat Swarm Optimization’ (ACSO). First, we take account of a new-fangled adaptive inertia weight to velocity equation and then employ an adaptive acceleration coefficient. Second, by utilizing the information of two previous or next dimensions and applying a new-fangled factor, we attain to a new position update equation composing the average of position and velocity information. The projected ACSO has been tested on standard IEEE 57 bus test system and simulation results shows clearly about the high-quality performance of the planned algorithm in tumbling the real power loss.


Optimal Reactive Power, Transmission loss, Adaptive cat swarm optimization.

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Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Informatics (IJEEI)
ISSN 2089-3272

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