Frequency Control of Microgrid with Renewable Generation using PID Controller based Krill Herd

Mohamed Regad, M'hamed Helaimi, Rachid Taleb, Ahmed M. Othman, Hossam A.Gabbar


The main of this paper is to provide optimal control of a state microgrid system. The proposed configuration composes of renewable generation systems such as solar photovoltaic system and wind turbine generator with a Diesel Engine Generator and Fuel-Cell. An Aqua electrolyzer and other energy storage systems such as battery and flywheel are also used in the proposed microgrid. A standard PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) controller scheme is introduced whose its parameters are determined using different optimizations algorithm such as Algorithm Genetic, Particle Swarm Optimization, and Krill Herd algorithm for minimizing frequency and power deviations, in order to enhance the operation of this system. The PID controller gains are optimized by resolving an objective function. The simulation results are shown, and given that the Krill Herd algorithm improves the performance of the system in comparison with GA and PSO based on PID. The efficiency of the system is improved.


Term 1:Microgrid Term 2: renewable generation frequency control Term 3. Term 4: optimization PID controller. Tem 5:Genetic algorithm. Term 6 particle Swarm Optimization. Term 7:Krill Herd Algorithm. Term 8: Energy storage System.

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