Development of a Wireless Sensors Network for Greenhouse Monitoring and Control

Marwa Mekki, Osman Abdallah


Wireless sensor networks (WSN) could be used to monitor and control many parameters of environment such as temperature, humidity, and radiation leakage. In greenhouse the weather and soil should be independent of the natural agents. To achieve this condition a wireless sensor nodes could be deployed and communicate with a central base station to measure and transmit the sensed required environment factors. In this paper a WSN was implemented by deployed wireless sensor nodes in a greenhouse with temperature, humidity, moisture light, and CO2 sensors. The proposed model was built and tested, and the result shows an excellent improvement in the sensed parameters. To control the environmental factors, the used microcontroller programmed to control the parameters according to preset values, or manually through a user interface panel.


WSN, Wi-Fi, Greenhouse, LabView

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Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Informatics (IJEEI)
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