Vol 5, No 3

September 2017

Table of Contents

Intelligent Management on the Home Consumers with Zero Energy Consumption PDF
Kazem Khani, Mohammad Iman Ghiasi 185-191
Embellished Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Solving Reactive Power Problem PDF
Kanagasabai Lenin 192-198
Comparison of Dynamic Stability Response of A SMIB with PI and Fuzzy Controlled DPFC PDF
Budi Srinivasarao, G. Sreenivasan, Swathi Sharma 199-206
Mitigation of Power Quality Problems Using Custom Power Devices: A Review PDF
Miska Prasad, Ashok Kumar Akella 207-235
Optimal Power Flow with Reactive Power Compensation for Cost and Loss Minimization On Nigerian Power Grid System PDF
Ganiyu Adedayo Ajenikoko, Olakunle Olakunle, Elijah Olabode 236-247
Investigation of TTMC-SVPWM Strategies for Diode Clamped and Cascaded H-bridge Multi-level Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive PDF
Ravikumar Bhukya, P. Satish Kumar 248-258
Design for Postplacement Mousing based on GSM in Long-Distance PDF
Xin Gao, Bo Zhang, Shixiong Liang, Dong Xing, Junlong Wang 259-263
Analysis of Genetic Algorithm for Effective Power Delivery and with Best Upsurge PDF
Syed Umar, G. Sridevi 264-269
Development of a Wireless Sensors Network for Greenhouse Monitoring and Control PDF
Marwa Mekki, Osman Abdallah 270-274
An Heterogeneous Population-Based Genetic Algorithm for Data Clustering PDF
Amina Bedboudi, Cherif Bouras, Mohamed Tahar Kimour 275-284


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