Android Application for Microcontroller-based Reservoir Water Level Monitoring

Edwin Romeroso Arboleda, Cyril Dale L. Cero, Konzeff Joy L. Ala


A reservoir water level monitoring system was designed, constructed using a microcontroller and evaluated through functionality, reliability and accuracy. The monitoring system components consisted of a Gizduino microcontroller, Ethernet shield, serial camera and float switches which enabled the system to provide real time status and pictures of the reservoir. The monitoring system can be accessed using an Android application that can be installed in a compatible Android smartphone. An internet connection with a dedicated public IP was needed to broadcast the status and pictures of the reservoir. The specific monitoring system is fixed to a specific dam as it has a set of different float switches and camera. A back-up battery supply was integrated to the monitoring system to provide continuous power to the system. Fifty students evaluated the user acceptance of the water level monitoring system. According to the participants, the system was user-friendly, functional, reliable and accurate.


Android, Integration, Microcontroller, Reservoir, Water level monitoring system

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