Vol 6, No 1

March 2018

Table of Contents

A Case Study of Natural Frequency of the Tram Rail Due to Vibration Using Wavelets PDF
Pushan Kumar Dutta, Mircea Bogdan Tătaru, Ovidiu Moldovan, Tiberiu Vesselenyi 1-11
A Review on Emotion Recognition Algorithms using Speech Analysis PDF
Teddy Surya Gunawan, Muhammad Fahreza Alghifari, Malik Arman Morshidi, Mira Kartiwi 12-20
The Impact of HVDC Links on Transmission System Collapse PDF
Hualei Wang, Hanjing Zhang, Chengqing Song, Chao Xu 21-31
Overcoming Photo Degredation in Dye Sensitized Solar Cell PDF
Odeyemi Charity Segun, Awodugba Awodugba, Ayodeji Oladiran 32-36
Fuzzy Logic Controller for grid connected Wind Energy Conversion System PDF
G. Muni Reddy, T. Gowri Manohar 37-44
Effect Of Solar Radiation On Module Photovoltaics 100 Wp With Variation of Module Slope Angle PDF
Azriyenni Azhari Zakri, Iswadi Hasyim Rosma, Dohardo P H Simanullang 45-52
Design Analysis and Development of Inverter Topologies for Industries PDF
Sunita Kumari, Sudhir Y Kumar 53-60
Investigating Rain Attenuation Models for Satellite Links in Tropical Nigeria PDF
Abayomi Isiaka O. Yussuff, Ibukun E Koleoso, Nor Hisham Haji Khamis 61-69
Design and Realization of Compact Microstrip Antenna Using Fractal Sierpenski Carpet For Wireless Fidelity Application PDF
Syah Alam, Indra Surjati, Awang Ferawan, Teguh Firmansyah 70-78
Android Application for Microcontroller-based Reservoir Water Level Monitoring PDF
Edwin Romeroso Arboleda, Cyril Dale L. Cero, Konzeff Joy L. Ala 79-85
Smart Wheelchair with Dual Control using Touchpad and Android Mobile Device PDF
Edwin R. Arboleda, Yna Victoria P. Paulite, Neil Jerome C. Carandang 86-96
Scalable and Secure Dynamic Key Management and Channel Aware Routing in Mobile Adhoc Networks PDF
N. Seethalakshmi, K. Selvakumar 97-104
Dynamic Integrated System for Detecting and Fixing Vulnerability Bugs PDF
R. Anitha, M. V. Srinath 105-109
Gait Recognition Based on Silhouettes Sequences and Neural Networks for Human Identification PDF
Molhema Mohualdeen, Magdi Baker 110-117
A Comparative Strategy Using PI & Fuzzy Controller for Optimization of Power Quality Control PDF
Garima Sinha, Pankaj Kumar Goswami, Sudhir Kumar Sharma 118-124


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