Satellite Image Compression Using ROI Based EZW Algorithm

A. Vinay, S. Natarajan


In all the fields that make use of the images in a large scale for the image applications there is need for the image compression process in order to minimize the size of the storage. Likewise in the marine field there is use of the images like satellite images for their communication purpose. So to make use of them we are proposing a new image compression technique for the compression of the satellite images by using the Region of Interest (ROI)based on the lossy image technique called the Embedded Zero-Tree Wavelet (EZW) algorithm for the compression. The performance of our method can be evaluated and analyzing the PSNR values of the output images.


Compression, ROI, EZW and Lossy, PSNR.

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Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Informatics (IJEEI)
ISSN 2089-3272

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