Vol 1, No 3

September 2013

Table of Contents

Multiple-Access Technology of Choice In 3GPP LTE PDF
Ibikunle Frank, Dike Ike, Ajayi Jimi, Onasoga Kayode 69-77
Performance Comparison of Latency for RSC-RSC and RS-RSC Concatenated Codes PDF
Manish Kumar, Jyoti Saxena 78-83
Comparative Study on New AQM Mechanisms for Congestion Control PDF
Ramakrishna B B, Prashant Ankalkoti, Demian Antony D'Mello 84-88
An Interconnected Wind Driven SEIG System Using SVPWM Controlled TL Z-Source Inverter Strategy for Off-Shore WECS PDF
Ajin Sekhar CS, V. Raghavendrarajan, R. Hemantha Kumar, M. Sasikumar 89-98
Modeling, Simulation and Position Control of 3 Degree of Freedom Articulated Manipulator PDF
Hossein Sadegh Lafmejani, Hassan Zarabadipour 99-108


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