Vol 3, No 4

December 2015

Table of Contents

Facial Expression Recognition Based on Facial Motion Patterns PDF
Leila Farmohammadi, Mohammad Baqer Menhaj 177-184
Image Registration Methode in Radar Interferometry PDF
S. Chelbi, A. Khireddine 185-190
Decline of Real Power Loss and Preservation of Voltage Stability by using Chirping Algorithm PDF
Lenin Kanagasabai 191-198
Analysis and Design of Solar Photo voltaic Grid Connected Inverter PDF
Muddasani Satyanarayana, P. Satish Kumar 199-208
Enriched Firefly Algorithm for Solving Reactive Power Problem PDF
K. Lenin, B. Ravindhranath Reddy, M. Surya Kalavathi 209-215
High Impedance Fault Detection in Power Distribution Networks with Use of Current Harmonic-Based Algorithm PDF
Esmaeil Delroba, Jamal Beiza 216-223
A New Hybrid Wavelet Neural Network and Interactive Honey Bee Matting Optimization Based on Islanding Detection PDF
Nasser Yousefi 224-238
Flux Based Sensorless Speed Sensing and Real and Reactive Power Flow Control with Look-up Table based Maximum Power Point Tracking Technique for Grid Connected Doubly Fed Induction Generator PDF
D.V.N. Ananth, Venkata Nagesh Kumar 239-260
Cost Optimal Design of a Single-Phase Dry Power Transformer PDF
Raju Basak, Arabinda Das, Amarnath Sanyal 261-266


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