Vol 4, No 3

September 2016

Table of Contents

Optimized Aircraft Electric Control System Based on Adaptive Tabu Search Algorithm and Fuzzy Logic Control PDF
Saifullah Khalid 149-164
Blackfish Optimization Algorithm for Solving Reactive Power Problem PDF
K. Lenin, B. Ravindhranath Reddy, M. Surya Kalavathi 165-169
Notice of Retraction Intermittently Connected Cloudlet System to Obtain an Optimal Offloading Policy
Nadim Akhtar, N. Srinivasan 170-175
A Study on IP Network Recovery through Routing Protocols PDF
K. Karthik, T. Gunasekhar, D. Meenu, M. Anusha 176-180
K Coverage Probability of 5G Wireless Cognitive Radio Network under Shadow Fading Effects PDF
Ankur S. Kang, Renu Vig 181-188
Notice of Retraction Simulation of Feedforward-Feedback Control of Dissolved Oxygen of Microbial Repeated Fed-batch Culture
Ling Gao, Huibin Lin 189-197
Notice of Retraction Privacy Preserving Similarity Based Text Retrieval through Blind Storage
Pinki Kumari, S. Jancy 198-204
Notice of Retraction Anonymising the Sparse Dataset: A New Privacy Preservation Approach while Predicting Diseases
V. Shyamala Susan, T. Christopher 205-218
A Secured Cloud Data Storage with Access Privilages PDF
Naresh Vurukonda, B.Thirumala Rao 219-224


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