Vol 5, No 1

March 2017

Table of Contents

MLI Power Topologies and Voltage Eminence: an Exploratory Review PDF
Rakesh Teerdala 1-15
Graphene-based Microbial Fuel Cell Studies with Starch in sub-Himalayan Soils PDF
Debajyoti Bose, Amarnath Bose 16-21
An Investigative and Comprehensive Study about Deregulation (Restructuring) of Indian Power Market PDF
Ravindrakumar Yadav, Ashok Jhala 22-29
Wireless Sensor Network for Radiation Detection PDF
Suliman Abdel Rahman Abdalla 37-43
A Real-Time Implementation of Moving Object Action Recognition System Based on Motion Analysis PDF
Kamal Sehairi, Cherrad Benbouchama, Kobzili El Houari, Chouireb Fatima 44-58
Music Recommendation System with User-based and Item-based Collaborative Filtering Technique PDF
M. Sunitha, T. Adilakshmi 59-68
Charge Sharing Suppression in Single Photon Processing Pixel Array PDF
Suliman Abdel Rahman Abdalla 30-36
Impact of Next Generation Cognitive Radio Network on the Wireless Green Eco system through Signal and Interference Level based K Coverage Probability PDF
Ankur Singh Kang, Renu Vij 69-76
Site Diversity Technique Application on Rain Attenuation for Lagos PDF ()
Abayomi Isiaka O. Yussuff, Nana Hamzat, Nor Hisham Haji Khamis 77-84
Fuzzy Control of a Large Crane Structure PDF
Samir A. Farag, Salah G. Foda, Ahmed Alenany 85-98


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