Vol 3, No 3

September 2015

Table of Contents

Phishing or Hijacking? Forgers Hijacked DU Journal by Copying Content of Another Authenticate Journal pdf
Mehdi Dadkhah, Tole Sutikno 119-120
Economic Selection of Generators for a Wind Farm PDF
Omid Alavi, Behzad Vatandoust 121-128
Notice of Retraction Study on the Impact of Grid Harmonic Voltage on SVG and the Suppression
Renjie Hu, Guiping Yi, Yan Xu 129-134
Performance of FACTS Devices for Power System Stability PDF
Bhupendra Sehgal, S P Bihari, Yogita Kumari, R.N. Chaubey, Anmol Gupta 135-140
Performance and Analysis of Reactive Power Compensation by Unified Power Flow Controller PDF
Yogita Kumari, Anmol Gupta, Shiv Prakash Bihari, R.N. Chaubey, B. Sehgal 141-149
Modelling of A Trust and Reputation Model in Wireless Networks PDF
Saurabh Mishra 150-156
Simulation Analysis of Prototype Filter Bank Multicarrier Cognitive Radio Under Different Performance Parameters PDF
A.S Kang, Renu Vig 157-166
Case Study of Various Parameters by Applying Swing Up Control for Inverted Pendulum PDF
Kunal Chakraborty, Amit Kumar Sen, Rahul Dev Basak, Rahul Raushan 167-171
Fuzzy Control of Yaw and Roll Angles of a Simulated Helicopter Model Includes Articulated Manipulators PDF
Hossein Sadegh Lafmejani, Hassan Zarabadipour 172-176


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