Vol 4, No 2

June 2016

Table of Contents

Effect of HVTL Phase Transposition on Pipelines Induced Voltage PDF
Kazeem Bolade Adedeji 93-101
Comparison of Soft Computing Techniques applied in High Frequency Aircraft System PDF
Saifullah Khalid 102-111
Performance Evaluation of GA optimized Shunt Active Power Filter for Constant Frequency Aircraft Power System PDF
Saifullah Khalid 112-119
Fast Algorithm for Computing the Discrete Hartley Transform of Type-II PDF
Mounir Taha Hamood 120-125
Super-Spatial Structure Prediction Compression of Medical PDF
M. Ferni Ukrit, G.R. Suresh 126-133
Notice of Retraction Improved Query Translation for English to Hindi Cross Language Information Retrieval
Pratibha Bajpai, Parul Verma 134-140
Review on Opinion Mining for Fully Fledged System PDF
Asmita Dhokrat, Sunil Khillare, C. Namrata Mahender 141-148


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