Vol 6, No 3

September 2018

Table of Contents

The Assessment of Light Environment with the First Generation Leds PDF
Olga E. Zheleznikova, Svetlana A. Mikaeva, Sergey N. Ageev, Ivan V. Blenstov, Olga S. Voynova 235-243
Bilayer Graphene Conductance Analysis based on FET Channel PDF
Vahdat Nazerian, Mohammad Javad Kiani 244-252
Open Source EEG Platform with Reconfigurable Features for Multiple-Scenarios PDF
Juan Manuel Lopez, Fabian Gonzalez, Juan Carlos Bohorquez, Jorge Bohorquez, Mario Andres Valderrama, Fredy Segura-Quijano 253-264
Graphene Nanoribbon Simulator of Vacancy Defects On Electronic Structure PDF
Kien Liong Wong, Mohamad Azri Sufi Mahadzir, Wee Khang Chong, Mohd Shahrizal Rusli, Cheng Siong Lim, Michael Loong Peng Tan 265-273
Blind Signal Separation Algorithm for Acoustic Echo Cancellation PDF
Haengwoo Lee 274-280
E-Learning Success Model: An Extention of DeLone & McLean IS' Success Model PDF
Henki Bayu Seta, Theresia Wati, Anita Muliawati, Achmad Nizar Hidayanto 281-291
A Hybrid Approach of Using Particle Swarm Optimization and Volumetric Active Contour without Edge for Segmenting Brain Tumors in MRI Scan PDF
Ali Majeed Hasan 292-300
Implementation of Modified AES as Image Encryption Scheme PDF
Heidilyn V Gamido, Ariel M Sison, Ruji P Medina 301-308
Securing Electronic Medical Records Using Modified Blowfish Algorithm PDF
Theda Flare Ginoy Quilala, Ariel M Sison, Ruji P Medina 309-316
Simulation and Experimental Investigation of Pulsed Eddy Current Technique for Defect Evaluation PDF
Nurul A'in Ahmad Latif, Ilham Mukriz Zainal Abidin, Nordin Jamaludin 317-322
Comparative Study of Type-1 and Type-2 Fuzzy System in Decision Support System PDF
Humaira Humaira, Yance Sonatha, Cipto Prabowo, Hidra Amnur, Rita Afyenni 323-332
Resource Efficient Single Precision Floating Point Multiplier Using Karatsuba Algorithm PDF
Gowreesrinivas V K, Samundiswary P 333-342
Effective Detection of Parkinson’s Disease at Different Stages using Measurements of Dysphonia PDF
Elmehdi BENMALEK, Jamal Elmhamdi, Abdelilah Jilbab 343-350


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