Vol 9, No 2

June 2021

Table of Contents

An optimal schedule model of multi-energy hubs network integrating solar energy PDF
Vu Van Thang 276-288
Prediction of The High Voltage Insulators Service Life Based on The Effective Values of Leakage Currents PDF
Iosef Breido, Valeriy Ivanov 289-301
Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Technique for Speed Control of Six-Step Brushless DC Motor PDF
H. Abdelfattah, Mohamed I Mosaad, Nagwa F Ibrahim 302-312
A Novel Approach for the Power Ramping Metrics PDF
Mohammed Saber Eltohamy, Mohammed Said Abdel Moteleb, Hossam Eldin Abdallah Talaat, Said Fouad Mekhamer, Walid Atef Omran 313-333
A Fuzzy Logic Based Power Management System for a Hybrid Microgrid PDF
Md. Shamsul Arifin 334-345
Design of a Lightning Protection System for an Overhead 3 kV DC Electrified Railway Line: A Case Study from South Africa PDF
Kelishia Radhalal, Chandima Gomes 346-359
A Grid-connected Hybrid Renewable Energy System Using High-frequency Multi-winding Transformer and Phase Shift Modulation Technique PDF
Ramesh Kumar, Ravi Chandra, Anand Kumar 360-370
Comparative study of battery energy storage systems in a micro-grid based on real-time simulation PDF
Karim Fellah, Rosa Abbou, Mounir Khiat, Djelloul Rahiel 371-383
A Simple Method to Control The Excitation Angle for Switched Reluctance Motor PDF
Slamet - Riyadi 384-393
A Survey Study of the Current Challenges and Opportunities of Deploying the ECG Biometric Authentication Method in IoT and 5G Environments PDF
Ahmed Younes Shdefat, Nour Mostafa, Louai Saker, Ahmet Topcu 394-416
Three-Dimensional Modeling of Wave Propagation over Different Types of Terrains and Environments Using the Parabolic Equation Solved by Higher Order Approximation of the Finite Difference Method PDF
Mohammad Ahmad, Dayalan Kasilingam 417-425
A Viability Approach For Management Of IEEE 802.15.4 Wireless Sensor Node Performance PDF
Karim Sidibe, Cheick Tidjane Kone, Tchimou N’Takpe, Boko Aka, Marí Soucase Bernabé 426-441
Improved DC-Link Voltage Controller for Photo Voltaic ON-Grid Systems PDF
Husain A. Ismail, Ahmed Alenany, Belal Abozalam 442-452
Design and Operation of Optical Fiber for Mass Measuring Instrument with Bending Power Loss Principle PDF
Saktioto Saktioto, Wahyu Candra, Vepy Asyana, Romi Fadli Syahputra, Syamsudhuha Syamsudhuha, Dedi Irawan, Okfalisa Okfalisa, Haryana Hairi, Dadang Syarif Shihabudin Sahid 453-462
LPV Control Synthesis for Sensor Senescence in Feedback Control System PDF
Aqeel Madhag 463-477
Hierarchical Fuzzy Systems: Interpretability and Complexity PDF
Tajul Rosli Razak, Shukor Sanim Mohd Fauzi, Ray Adderley JM Gining, Mohammad Hafiz Ismail, Ruhaila Maskat 478-489
Design of Power-Efficient Structures of the CAM Cell using a New Approach in QCA Nanoelectronics Technology PDF
Ali Hussien Majeed, Ahmed Abdulelah, Mohd Shamian Zainal, Esam Alkaldy 490-497
Important Features of CICIDS-2017 Dataset For Anomaly Detection in High Dimension and Imbalanced Class Dataset PDF
Kurniabudi Kurniabudi, Deris Stiawan, Darmawijoyo Darmawijoyo, Mohd Yazid Bin Idris, Bedine Kerim, Rahmat Budiarto 498-511
Diversity Enhancement of MIMO System with GA Optimized Linear Precoding of Orthogonal Space-Time Block Codes PDF
Harsha Gurdasani, A G Ananth, N Thangadurai 512-520
Brain-Computer Interfacing for Wheelchair Control by Detecting Voluntary Eye Blinks PDF
William C Francis, C Umayal, G Kanimozhi 521-537
Evaluation of Time Diversity Technique for Satellite Mitigation in Tropical Climate PDF
Mawarni Mohd Yunus, Nurazriana Samin, Jafri Din, Siat Ling Jong 538-546
Analysis of optimized multilevel matrix converter for DFIG based wind energy conversion system PDF
Shubha Baravani, Rudranna Nanadihalli, Mohsin A. Mulla 547-562


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