Vol 8, No 4

December 2020

Table of Contents

Multilayer Structure Technique for Improving Determination of Electromagnetic Properties of Radar Absorbers Based on Two-Layer Method and Flanged Rectangular Waveguide Probe PDF
Abdulkadhim Ameen Hassan, Janan Hammed Saadie 610-625
Control Strategies of a Gas Turbine Generator: A Comparative Study PDF
Lyes Abbassen, Mustapha Zaouia, Nacereddine Benamrouche, Amar Bousbaine 626-636
PV/Wind Hybrid Energy System, Modeling and Simulation at variable weather conditions PDF
Abdelhamid Slama, Messaoud Hamouda, Mounir Khiat 637-647
Optimal solutions for fixed head short-term hydrothermal system scheduling problem PDF
Thanh Long Duong, Van-Duc Phan, Thuan Thanh Nguyen, Thang Trung Nguyen 648-657
Design and Performance Analysis of a Wine-bridge RC Harmonic Oscillation Generator with an Operational Amplifier PDF
Boyan Karapenev 658-665
High-Performance Design of a 4-Bit Carry Look-Ahead Adder in Static CMOS Logic PDF
Mehedi Hasan, Abdul Hasib Siddique, Abdal Haque Mondol, Mainul Hossain, Hasan U. Zaman, Sharnali Islam 666-673
PAPR reduction in OFDM system using combined MCS and DHMT precoding PDF
Mohd Danial Rozaini, Azlina Idris, Darmawaty Mohd Ali, Ezmin Abdullah 674-682
Traffic characterization in a communications channel for monitoring and control in real-time systems PDF
Leonardo Serna-Guarin, Luis J. Morantes-Guzman, Edilson Delgado-Trejos, Miguel A. Becerra 683-695
Circuit Modelling of Bandpass/Channel Filter with Microstrip Implementation PDF
Augustine Onyenwe Nwajana 696-705
Integral Backstepping Based Nonlinear Control for Maximum Power Point Tracking and Unity Power Factor of a Grid Connected Hybrid Wind-Photovoltaic System PDF
Mohammed El malah, Abdellfattah Ba-razzouk, Elhassane Abdelmounim, Mhamed Madark 706-722
Evaluation of Differential Evolution Algorithm with Various Mutation Strategies for Clustering Problems PDF
Pyae Pyae Win Cho, Thi Thi Soe Nyunt 723-732
The Prediction of Earthquake Building Structure Strength: Modified K-Nearest Neighbour Employment PDF
Okfalisa Okfalisa, Septian Nugraha, Saktioto Saktioto, Zahidah Zulkifli, S.S.M. Fauzi 733-745
Automated Learning of Hungarian Morphology for Inflection Generation and Morphological Analysis PDF
Gabor Szabo, Laszlo Kovacs 746-756
Student activities detection of SUST using YOLOv3 on Deep Learning PDF
Md. Yousuf Ali, Xuan-De Zhang, Md. Harun -Ar- Rashid 757-769
Deep Learning-aided Brain Tumor Detection: An Initial ‎Experience based Cloud Framework ‎ PDF
Safia Abbas, Abeer M Mahmoud 770-780
Perceptual Image Quality Assessment Technique for Color Images based on HSI Colour Space PDF
Yildiray Yalman 781-794
Impact of Stray Voltage on Renewable Energy-based Farm in Pacific Island Country PDF
F R Islam, Ravneel Prasad, Rezwanul Haque, Vishal Sharma 795-805
Qualified Two-Hybrid Techniques by DWT Output to Predict Fault Location PDF
Azriyenni Azhari Zakri, Syukri Darmawan, Sandy Ahmad, Mohd Wazir Mustafa, Jafaru Usman 806-817


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