Vol 7, No 2

June 2019

Table of Contents

Structural adaptive anisotropic recursive filter for blind medical image deconvolution PDF
Tanawat Kwanpak, Paramate Horkaew 157-164
A modified genetic algorithm with a new crossover mating scheme PDF
Allemar Jhone P. Delima, Ariel M. Sison, Ruji P. Medina 165-181
Modeling and simulation of a wirelessly-powered thermopneumatic micropump for drug delivery applications PDF
Marwan Nafea, Jeevananthan Baliah, Mohamed Sultan Mohamed Ali 182-189
Improved time quantum length estimation for round robin scheduling algorithm using neural network PDF
Sonia Zouaoui, Lotfi Boussaid, Abdellatif Mtibaa 190-202
Sliding mode control for altitude and attitude stabilization of quadrotor UAV with external disturbance PDF
A Noordin, M A M Basri, Z Mohamed 203-210
Nonlinear observer based PI sliding surface of adaptive sliding mode control for boost converter in PV system PDF
Ramadhani Kurniawan Subroto, Lunde Ardhenta, Eka Maulana 211-220
An open source LoRa based vehicle tracking system PDF
Norhafizah Ramli, Muhammad Mun’im Zabidi, Anuar Ahmad, Ivin Amri Musliman 221-228
State of charge estimation based on adaptive algorithm for Lead-Acid battery PDF
Maamar Souaihia, Bachir Belmadani, Rachid Taleb 229-240
Application of diverse FACTS in AGC of multi-area interconnected energy systems PDF
Gulshan Sharma, Kabulo Loji, Musasa Kabeya 241-254
Integration of time of use (TOU) tariff in net energy metering (NEM) scheme for electricity customers PDF
Abdul Hafiz Razali, MD Pauzi Abdullah, Mohammad Yusri Hassan, Dalila Mat Said, Faridah Hussin 255-262
A confocal microwave imaging implementation for breast cancer detection PDF
Nirmine Hammouch, Hassan Ammor 263-270
Channel sharing utility function of power control game in cognitive femtocell network PDF
Anggun Fitrian Isnawati, Risanuri Hidayat, Selo Sulistyo, I Wayan Mustika 271-278
A Bridge between Legacy Wireless Communication Systems and Internet of Things PDF
Samer Jaloudi 279-288
Multiband hairpin-line bandpass filters by using metamaterial complimentary split ring resonator PDF
Mohd Fairus Mohd Yusoff, Muhammad Akram Mohd Sobri, Farid Zubir, Zaharah Johari 289-294
UHF meander bowtie antenna for RFID application PDF
Norsaidah Muhamad Nadzir, M.K.A. Rahim, F. Zubir, H.A. Majid 295-302
Feature and muscle selection for an effective hand motion classifier based on electromyography PDF
Triwiyanto Triwiyanto, Triana Rahmawati, I Putu Alit Pawana 303-313
Computation of current-resistance photovoltaic model using reverse triangular number for photovoltaic emulator application PDF
Razman Ayop, Chee Wei Tan, Kwan Yiew Lau 314-322
3D printed horn antenna using direct metal laser melting technique for millimetre wave applications PDF
Muataz W. Sabri, M. K. A. Rahim, F. Zubir 323-330
Reliability of graphene as charge storage layer in floating gate flash memory PDF
M. Hilman Ahmad, N Ezaila Alias, Afiq Hamzah, Zaharah Johari, M. S. Z. Abidin, Norlina Paraman, M. L. Peng Tan, Razali Ismail 331-337
Design and performance analysis of a twin T-bridge RC harmonic oscillation generator with an operational amplifier PDF
Boyan Karapenev 338-344
Comparison of multi-distance signal level difference Hjorth descriptor and its variations for lung sound classifications PDF
Achmad Rizal, Risanuri Hidayat, Hanung Adi Nugroho 345-356
Effect of clock gating in conditional pulse enhancement flip-flop for low power applications PDF
Kuruvilla John, Vinod Kumar R. S., Kumar S. S. 357-365
Influence of single vacancy defect at varying length on electronic properties of zigzag graphene nanoribbons PDF
Kien Liong Wong, Mu Wen Chuan, Wee Khang Chong, Afiq Hamzah, Mohd Shahrizal Bin Rusli, Nurul Ezaila Binti Alias, Cheng Siong Lim, Michael Tan 366-374
Floral structure for textile-based metamaterial absorber PDF
Siti Nurzulaihan Isa, Osman Ayop, Farid Zubir, Noor Asniza Murad, Mohammad Kamal A. Rahim 375-381
Innovative industrial Cu(In,Ga)Se2 thin film solar cell with high characterization using nanoparticles structure PDF
Ahmed Thabet, Safaa Abdelhady, Khaled Ebnalwaled, Abdallah Ibrahim 382-392


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